Lagrange 34 Chocolate

This chocolate won’t melt in your mouth because you can’t have any unless you happen to be in Torino, Itally. Lagrange 34 sure has taken the art of the chocolate bar to a wonderful new level though. The glowing color of the packaging radiates the promise of the yummy goodness inside and then you open it up and the design of the chocolate bar itself is even more rewarding. Dare I say it’s like a beautiful sun dress draped over an even more lovely set of legs? Certainly not, this is a family oriented blog after all.

On a side note the Lagrange 34 site is the only site I’ve visited that makes the site traffic data visible. Click the “ShinyStat” link on the bottom left and let’s see if the RedBlackBrown community can put a big spike in the traffic for our chocolate loving Italian fratelli e sorelle.

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