Tucked Away Since 1955



Somewhere between the unobtainably beautiful pages of Dwell Magazine and the undesirable tract housing vomited onto the land by developers; just around the corner from the quaint but increasingly inadequate pattern houses that make up most neighborhoods I find myself stumbling upon a few humble gems. Homes that appear to be comfortably of the space they inhabit even though they are unusual. It can be quite difficult to figure out if this is the result of the skill of a professional architect and landscape architect or simply the intuition of a passionate owner. Either way I thought I’d start sharing some of my finds here to demonstrate that quality space can be achieved wherever you find yourself.

This first one is in Saint Paul’s Highland Park area and thanks to the AIA I discovered that it is actually called the Donald Haarstick House. Mr. Haarstick was one of the first architects to embrace modernism after WWII and this home he designed for himself dates to 1955. It is different almost radical compared to adjacent houses yet (to me) looks much more interesting to live in.