Today in the Studio Garden


One of my favorite things about working at BrainstormOverload (in addition to the gourmet hot cocoa) is the studio garden. Like all the other projects at bsol it’s a work in progress but one that is particularly wonderful in Spring when the garden seems to change almost daily. Why am I keeping all this blooming goodness to myself you demand? Good point. In an effort to share this is the first in a series of desktop calendars I’ll post (not daily but regularly) here on our blog. The calendar makes it useful and I’ve always liked the texture of type over a photograph. Each date following a vertical line is a Monday. I’ll also provide the plant name in case you are inspired to work in your own garden which I highly recommend as a terrific creative outlet. I’ll start with the following standard (Mac) screen resolutions. Let me know if the size you need is not represented.

1440 x 900
1920 x 1200