Artcrank Minneapolis 2014 Artists


Applications for ARTCRANK MSP 2014 almost doubled to nearly 200 and the show has expanded to include 40 talented creatives with bikes on the brain. We’re honored to be part of the 20% selected and to find ourselves in such exceptional company. We’re also excited the show is May 31st (4-10pm) this year and hope it is sunny and warm so the streets surrounding Shelter Studios are positively jammed with cyclists of every stripe. Above is a photo of the 2013 show. Below is a list of participating artists with links to their portfolios. Together they should get you stoked and motivate you to get there early. See you at the show.

Aaron Purmort
Adam Hoganson
Adam Martin
Adam Toht
Adam Turman
Allan Peters
Allegra Lockstadt
Anne Ulku
Eric Larson
Bill Moran
Boxy Mouse
Brian Geihl
Brian Hurley
Brock Davis
Carla Zetina
Chad Olson
David Schwen
Eric Drommerhausen
Erik Hamline
Greg Brose
Greg Gossel
Gustav Holtz
Hannah Johnson
Joseph Hrabe
Kevin Hayes
Lindsey Wright
Natalie Wynings
Nate Johannes
Patrice Soehnlein
Paul Afong
Phil Jones
Pseudo Manitou
Ross Bruggink
Sam Michaels
Sean Ryan Cooley
Todd Zerger
Trent Onjay
Scott Thares

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