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Poster Offensive 6

Washington is in overdrive and has drawn the rest of the nation into the potent conversation about who should be running things and in which direction they should run. That means it’s time, once, again, for Poster Offensive. This year’s show promises 24 artists each expressing his or her take on any and all things political. From the future of marriage to the future of Big Bird, bayonets in the military and binders full of women in the White House. It’s all fair game.

We hope to see you November 3rd, 2012 for the show opening at Big Table Studio and the Amsterdam Bar (showing a retrospective of past shows). Bring whatever money you didn’t blow on a super pac and spend it encouraging local (and possibly outrageous) poster art. Below is a list of participating artists and a sneak peek at our poster entitled “Freedom”. If you can’t get to the show you can still get a poster on Etsy.

Poster Offensive 2012 Artists:
David Dresbach
Bill Ferenc
Dale Flattum
Ruthann Godollei
Amy Jo
Craig Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Andrew Kiekhafer
Ben Levitz
Jesse Lindhorst
Cory Loven
Steven McCarthy
Samatha Michaels
Bill Moran
Jamie Paul
Kelly Perlick
Andy Powell
Derek Presnail
Aaron Purmort
Jenni Undis
Andrew Weydt
Todd Zerger
Nick Zdon

Wheel Art

There was a great turnout for the SED open house last night. Cyclists, techies and families with small kids all lingered to enjoy the delicious food, and to enjoy and bid on the wheel art. We had a blast and want to thank the team at SED Paul Krumrich (founder and the man behind Donkey Label jerseys) and Gretta Fry for including us and for all the support. Thanks to Graphic Systems for contributing the sweet 3M graphics wrap. Also, thanks to yet another awesome, local, bicycle industry player HED for donating the wheels. The auction proceeds were donated to the Full Cycle program in Minneapolis that exposes homeless youth to the magic of the bicycle.

Here are a few photos from the event starting with our design “Color Wheel” which was as much fun to spin as we were hoping it would be.

Fly Wheel by Rachel Roddy (Creative Director at Lee Branding) was a show favorite.

A Hard Day’s Ride by Todd Thyberg (owner of Angel Bomb Design)

UNiTY by freelance artist Susan Montgomery

KISS your Penny-Farthing Goodbye by Teri Harriet

Wendy Ruyle (co-owner 5 by 5 Design)

Synthetic Lifestyle by tcb

Happy kids. Always a good sign.


Spagat Studio Denmark

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring studio spaces to help us improve our ‘micro-studio’ and just discovered Spagat Design Studio in Denmark. They recently moved into a new space which looks lovely and bright. We’ve got a brick building too and dig what they’ve done. We’re excited that a Typometry print will soon be part of the decor.

For the Love of Letters

‘For The Love of Letters’ is the newest show at Big Table Studio and opens this Friday evening (Sept. 7, 2012) at 7:00 pm. It will feature the work of a dozen artists including Andy Powell, Annie Donegan, Bill Ferenc, Bill Moran, Chank Diesel, Jamie Paul, Jesse Lindhorts, Jon Forss, Kelly Perlick, Namdev HardistyNick Zdon and Todd Zerger. You should totally go! RSVP via Facebook if that’s your thing. Either way, hope to see you there. Below is the show poster designed by Evie Moran. Our poster is here.

Warners’ Stellian Redesign

Today we are pleased to announce that our redesign for regional appliance dealer Warners’ Stellian was launched by Creed Interactive. It was a solid design challenge and we are delighted to have been involved. We improved the visual experience while remaining true to the brand; totally revamped the navigation, organization and check out process. We’d like to congratulate Creed on overcoming the monumental technical challenge of sourcing content and images directly from multiple databases (outside their control), dealing with disparate pricing variables, delivery zones, a huge amount of content and us constantly telling them what was missing or needed to be adjusted so the site could launch as designed. You are now free to shop.



MN Local Poster Show Sneak Peek

Our poster for the MN Local Food & Beverage poster show is done, signed, sealed and delivered. It was great fun collaborating with Heidi Andermack (Boss Lady at Chowgirls) if kinda intimidating having learned that she is married to local type hero Chank Diesel. The easiest way to solve that turned out to be using his type (Dekapot Cyrillic and Eatwell) which provided the perfect Northeast texture. We printed an edition of 65 with three custom colors on French Paper’s yummy 110 lb. Speckletone Wine cover. Hope to see some familiar faces at the show. Until then here’s a sneak peek of our print.

MN Local Food and Beverage Poster Show Lineup


We’re excited to have been partnered with the Northeast Farmer’s Market for the MN Local Food and Beverage Poster Show. The show will open in conjunction with First Thursday in the Arts District – September 6th 2012 at Chowgirls Parlor. It’s sure to be a fantastic show. Check out the lineup of local artists and local deliciousness. And, check back in a few weeks for a sneak peek. The official show poste pictured here was designed by Spunk and printed by Big Table Studio.

Adam Turman
Amy Jo

Anne Ulku

Bjorn Christianson



J.C. Lovely

Peet Fetsch

Rob Pflaum


Studio on Fire

Todd Zerger – BrainstormOverload


Partnering with:

Anchor Fish and Chips
Dangerous Man Brewing
East Side Food Co-op
Ferndale Farms
Malone’s Simple Syrups
Nate Dogs
Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market
Sapsucker Farms
Sen Yai Sen Lek
Smude’s Sunflower Oil
Thousand Hills Cattle Company
2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

CD Packaging for V

Hot off the press and available from CD Baby (and iTunes) is the new EP from Victor Johnson a.k.a “V”. Victor’s second release is a dreamy, moody but ultimately optimistic collection of songs you’ll love as much as we hope you dig the packaging. We combined vintage photographs with striking, dream-like colors to allude to the story in the title song “Know Your Exit” in which each life is like a balloon floated off into the unknown filled with potential. Though no one knew it at the time the early hot air balloon flights pictured were a tentative first step into space. A crucial and adventurous first step on the very same journey that made it possible to put a footprint on the moon.

Wedding Photography is Hard

We’re just back from Todd’s first assignment as an official wedding photographer. It turned into a three day odyssey that generated over 2,800 photos. It isn’t easy to review that many photos let alone single out a few favorites but here goes.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Greg. We wish them a long and happy marriage.

Building High Performance Teams

I just finished a 3.5 day course in the leadership of high performance teams which pretty much blew my mind. It was a great combination of six core principles learned in the classroom and realized outside. The program was taught by Performance Unlimited and Activ8 but the class had the opportunity to participate in every aspect from speaking in the classroom to harnessing up team mates and trusting that they had done it correctly in their turn and would hold the rope when you jumped off the top of a 30 foot pole. Climbing atop high stuff wasn’t about conquering your fear so much as it was about trusting your new skills, your peers and embracing this basic prospective: “You’re going to fall no matter what so you might as well fall going for it.”

The amazing part was that through learning in the classroom (principles we could all take back to the office to benefit the teams we lead) our group of strangers from all over the country geled into a solid team capable of meeting every challenge. In fact, we even got this entire motley crew over a 14 foot wall using no tools or assistance of any kind. With no leader and no instructions we succeeded because we totally believed we could and each of us dedicated every ounce of ourselves to making it happen. That’s not what typically happens in an office setting… I think Seth Godin would be proud.

Check out the Performance Unlimited website (a BrainstormOverload design) to learn more and watch for the next session. Or drop us a line – we’d be happy to chat about the experience.

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