Today in the Studio Garden


One of my favorite things about working at BrainstormOverload (in addition to the gourmet hot cocoa) is the studio garden. Like all the other projects at bsol it’s a work in progress but one that is particularly wonderful in Spring when the garden seems to change almost daily. Why am I keeping all this blooming goodness to myself you demand? Good point. In an effort to share this is the first in a series of desktop calendars I’ll post (not daily but regularly) here on our blog. The calendar makes it useful and I’ve always liked the texture of type over a photograph. Each date following a vertical line is a Monday. I’ll also provide the plant name in case you are inspired to work in your own garden which I highly recommend as a terrific creative outlet. I’ll start with the following standard (Mac) screen resolutions. Let me know if the size you need is not represented.

1440 x 900
1920 x 1200

Olympic Action



I watch very little commercial television with the notable exception of the Olympics – which I watch as much of as possible. The experience is made even better because my wife is such a fun Winter Olympics watching partner. Not only does she get emotionally swept up in the events she keeps sharing interesting connections. She helped coach bronze medalist Andrew Weibrecht (top) when he was just a lad of 14 and she baby sat gold medalist Lindsey Vonn (below) at the Buck Hill ski area.

pdxcross Bicycle Photos


Speaking of great bicycle photography (uh.. back in August and September) pdxcross has a very nice collection of black and white shots of cyclocross racing from the 2009 season that you’ll enjoy. Consummate air travelers will recognize pdx as the initials for that mysterious land of lefty hipsters that is perpetually shrouded from the sun. Most of the rest of the country would do well to peer through all those clouds and take a good look at Portland (arguably the leading edge of cycle culture in the USA) and see what lessons could be learned. In addition to fit people practicing good politics and good policy they’d see a pretty hardcore cyclocross scene has been hiding out there too. Rain or shine these folks race – even in snow. Worth checking out. They’ve even put together a book called Dirty Pictures and there is a page about the team of photographers.



Beautiful Sand by Andres Amador


Andres Amador an artist operating out of the creative miracle that is the San Francisco Bay Area creates beautiful, expressive patterns in the sand of beaches at low tide. Attendance at Burning Man in 1999 (just before the world was scheduled to end if you recall) set him on a path exploring the expressive arts with a particular interest in flow. While his website is not as lovely as his work I do love the amazing photos, his simple, heartfelt explanation in general and this line in particular: “To wield a flow instrument is to learn to listen to one’s self.”

Andres credits many sources of inspiration but presumably it is this flow of self-aware body movement that is the primary contributor to his creations. They really are quite remarkable and worth the time spent clicking through the photos on his site which also contains some videos and even an interview on CNN. He also does light sculptures, gives workshops and insights into team building which are probably much more interesting than anything you’ve experienced through your HR department.




The Minnesota Eye


The Center for Visual Arts (CVA) is hosting The Minnesota Eye October 29 through November 14, 2009 to showcase 17 local photographers. There is an opening reception, a panel discussion and a gallery talk – all on different days so you won’t miss the whole thing. It seems to me that will increase the likelihood that you’ll miss two out of three though. Registration will only cost you one Hamilton and I’m pretty sure my man Alexander would consider it a good investment.

Get Your Street Fashion Fixie



Cycling – long identified with the slightly obscure, super-fit, spandex set – has been going mainstream. Bike messengers have done for bicycling what skateboarders did for surfing. They’ve given it the patina of urban accessibility. While one might argue they’ve also tarnished the luster a little they also deserve some credit for the surge in popularity (and viability) of urban cycling. Adidas celebrates urban bike culture in a series of photos marketing their upcoming Originals OT-Tech collection (not on the Adidas site yet) as seen here on Hypebeast. Here are two of my favorite photos. If you want to see these kicks in person check in with my man Jason Sack. If he doesn’t have a pair nobody does.

These cyclists are incredibly talented by the way. I’ll post some videos of the outlandish moves these riders have developed when they aren’t busy racing your package across town or hanging out at Pizza Luce.

I Love Girls on Bikes


Here’s my girl Cindy cruising on her Velorbis Victoria. She also has a mountain bike and a road bike (below) but the omafiets we imported after she encountered them while studying in the bike-friendly Netherlands is her favorite. It really is beautifully designed and she gets many comments when we go out riding. If you love girls on bikes (or if you actually are a girl on a bike) Let’s Go Ride A Bike is the blog for you. Not only are there some nice posts and photographs but a terrific list of other bike blogs so you can continue to explore.


Travel (by bicycle) Photography


Stop what you are doing and familiarize yourself with this really wonderful bicycle tour photography by Gregg Bleakney. Take a few extra minutes and look at his Adventure section too. They’re even better than the cycle shots but this is a bicycle photograph post. Oh, and while you’re at it the Portraits, People and Landscape categories are spectacular too.



Picture Your Life Cycle

Those of us in Art Director type roles often have a different experience with photography than your average Ansel Adams fan. We find ourselves doomed to search for nuances in the arrangement of sesame seeds in a series of 600 hamburger photos looking for the shot that will out sesame seed the competition. Or, worse yet, if you are on the production side of things photoshop out the single, deal-breaker, symmetry-destroying, sesame seed the art director feels will result in a catastrophic drop in hamburger bun sales.

Lay down your loop or your stylus my friend and just enjoy this collection of terrific photography (and links to more of the same) about your most favorite thing – bicycles.

Photographer Eddie Clark captures racing and free style moments.


Adam Leahy Photography
Adam shoots race and recreational cycling as well as doing some commercial work. Thankfully bikes don’t have sesame seeds.


Rolf Hagberg Photography
Rolf takes a different approach and is exploring cycling as a foil for creating beautiful, abstract images.


It’s refreshing to see bicycles in advertising (haven’t we had enough cars as props). Outlier makes fashion for cyclists so the connection is obvious but don’t these photos convey a hip, urban culture aesthetic?


Check back in soon. As cycling continues to catch on (and hopefully replace the automobile as pop culture icon) and I continue to find talented cycle-friendly photographers I’ll share them here. Until then ride to live – live to design.

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