Artcrank Minneapolis 2014

As kids locking bikes together was a sign of friendship. Growing up we fall in love with cycling which takes us on many adventures and binds us together as a community. Eventually we fall in love with a partner we want to ride with “until death do us part” and once again have someone to lock bikes together with. Whoever that partner may be we believe love is the law and wish you a long and joyful ride together. This year’s poster is entitled “Inseparable” and printed in an addition of 62. Four custom colors on 80 lb., 19×25 inch Smart White from French Paper Company. This poster sold out at the show but we reprinted it to support the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Extra “Inseparable” prints are available in our Shop.



Show Opening

This year’s show was well attended both inside and out where great local art, beer, food trucks and thousands of like minded cyclists gathered at the cavernous Shelter Studios. The show will hang through June at One On One and Handsome Cycles.