My Appliance Expert Microsite

Designed while at Periscope this intuitive and responsive experience encouraged exploration of CenterPoint Energy’s products and services. Perhaps the most important accomplishment however was to convince the client (who took for granted that appliance sales and appliance repair business units must compete in a zero sum game) to believe in this strategy for the two businesses to coexists in harmony.

Everything has a soft, tactile, appliance inspired appearance. All the modules along the bottom would flip over in response to the visitor explorations – providing video advice, incentives and facilitating contact as the primary call to action. Heartwood Studios brought my first attempt at interior design to life with a series of realistic 3D renderings.

A typical navigation system provided a direct to drill down to more detailed content while the explorative experience encouraged users to discover new insights about CPE – a more graceful cross sell.

I also designed this banner ad that employed the new look and feel. It brought to life a character from a print campaign and won a silver in the Minneapolis AdFed Show.