Creed Interactive v.3

We’ve worked with Creed Interactive since its formation; designing their logo, first and second website, writing copy, preparing presentations, pitching new business and eventually becoming an integral part of the team. With this third site it’s strange to have replaced our own design work twice but rewarding to recognize how we’ve growth alongside our good friends at Creed.

As an evolution of the auto-loading strategy of the previous site, this one contains entire sections (About Us in this case) in one long scrolling series.

Full screen background images add visual interest.

Creed Interactive v.2

The second version of for posterity. Design and copywriting.

The design employed a simple structure that took advantage of a technique that allows visitors to navigate simply by scrolling down the page. As they do, additional modules are added until the entire section is complete. This is a great way to reward visitor interest by minimizing their need to navigate.

There are a few fun tricks to the design too like the content page appearing to subduct under the background while the modules float above.