Griffin Eames Zerger

Griffin takes his name from the mythical beast – half Lion and half Eagle – revered for its balance of strength and wisdom. His middle name is inspired by the collaborations of Charles and Ray Eames. Lastly, Zerger is Swiss so you can imagine we’re hoping he shares our passion for clean, purposeful design.

A Dedicated Apprentice

Yes… the hair. It’s been compared to everyone from Beethoven to Shaun Cassidy. It’s occiasionally a distraction but he’s a very hard worker. Even takes his lunch at his desk – though that is occasionally problematic.

Limited Edition Onsie

We’re about ready to take Griffin’s “Helvetica Neuebie” onsie into production (American Apparel organic cotton onsie’s 3-6m and 6-12m). Perfect for getting budding designers off on the right foot. Drop us an email or tweet (@bsoverload) if you are interested in being notified when they are available.