Periscope Process

While at Periscope the VP of Interactive asked me to graphically represent the Interactive project process in a way that would be logical to those unfamiliar with interactive and attractive enough that they would want to post it for reference. Years later many of these can still be seen around the office.

JWT Minneapolis Process

Todd designed this graphic at the request of the President of JWT Minneapolis who needed an intuitive diagram he could draw on a napkin while explaining the project process to a potential client. It needed to be that simple and intuitive but also elegant in its formal expression as seen here.

Imaginet Process

For this graphic Todd used the metaphor of blood flow (oxygenated red for information flowing out, blue for requirements flowing in) to demonstrate how all the aspects of an interactive system relate to each other. These are always a hit with people who are tired of trying to interpret spreadsheets.

Story Mapping

Todd started developing the idea of story mapping for the Marines and continues to use the technique to help clarify the creative vision when the story is complex and involves many interrelated components. Achieving approval at this level empowers the creative process considerably. This story map was created while at Periscope for a Carlson School of Management recruiting DVD.