Red Mountains Yellow Trim

Tucked away in a little neighborhood just below the Flatiron Mountains in Boulder, Colorado lies the Sampson House by Tician Papachristou. Make sure you take the time to actually sound out his name because despite looking unfamiliar it will roll off your tongue with the same comfortable charm that this house inspires. It’s amazing how a home built in 1958 can escape looking dated over 50 years later. In part it is the simple honesty of the wood siding and bare concrete. The shape is intriguing and makes even more sense when seen in context with the dusty red peaks that soar almost 1,000 feet above. I believe the yellow trim is a recent addition but it serves to emphasize the way the roof line parallels the slope. Together these design details ensure the house feels rooted to the landscape but also celebrates the jagged mountains that surely inspired it. It was also likely inspired by the long, low lines of Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian homes.

Tician collaborated on a few projects with a more famous architect Marcel Breuer.¬†Breuer was brilliant without a doubt and it must have been rewarding to collaborate but unfortunately seems to have overshadowed Tician’s own work which is wonderful in its own right. If you’re ever in Boulder take a moment to walk by.