Yearbook Yourself



The Yearbook Yourself campaign for 2008 (launched by Colle+McVoy) has run its course. As the Associate Creative Director it was a difficult project to manage but I learned a ton and the world seems to be pretty excited about it. During the four month campaign 15 million visitors from 220 countries uploaded their picture to merge with classic yearbook photos including Ev Williams founder of Twitter, Jason Kottke and the folks at Coudal Partners. This helped make it a successful back-to-school campaign for Taubman (owner and operator of high end malls around the country) and is a great example of the positive brand experience that is possible when the idea is fun and participatory, and the hard sell is dialed way down. Thanks to our friends at Gasket for working with us on the intro animation and Audio Altimeter for the sweet original music and The Yearbook Guy for all the historic yearbooks. Watch for reference to the site on the CBS Morning Show, Saturday, August 23.

I would also like to give a shout out to the integrated creative team: Mike, Eric, Nina, Tim, Grant, Lindsey, Andrew, Kyle, Jason, Julie, Brian, Sarah, Jamie and our fearless intern Judson.

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