Local Talent / Candice Leick



Great design is at home in the Twin Cities. Top notch design and advertising agencies litter the warehouse districts like snow in January and being in the marketing business they are just as visible. However, each of those agencies is a success in no small part because of the talented and passionate labor of their designers. I think those designers deserve a little more visibility. So, for everyone’s enlightenment I’m going to feature some of them here. I hope you will take a moment to learn more about them, spread the word and even reach out – they probably like coffee and conversation as much as you do.

Educated at MCAD and having worked at Duffy & Partners, Candice Leick is an example of a great local talent who is striking out on her own. Having recently hung my own shingle (though I’m already considering redesigning it) I know first hand how challenging this can be. Paving her way is theĀ  lovely work Candice has done for Thymes and Myndology. Check out her website to see more of her portfolio (or better yet to hire her for your project). If you are up for even more you can gain some insight into what inspires Candice by checking out what she’s ffffound!

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