You Gotta Love The Ride


I love the first few issues of a new magazine when the emphasis is heavy on design and a faithfulness to the mission. Those early issues are wonderful even though their success often attracts enough advertising that the original magazine winds up so buried in a sea of pharmaceutical and automotive ads that I can no longer even find the table of contents. Let’s hope that is not the fate of this sweet new cycling rag out of Britain (am I the only one who misses calling it Great Britain btw?) called The Ride. It’s got a great low-fi feel that fits my experience of cycling’s semi-underground. The kids out inventing new tricks or pounding out mileage in the middle of nowhere (as apposed to all the expensive spandex you can see any evening on Summit Ave.)

But I digress. Importing one of the first two issues is pretty spendy at roughly 23 bucks but these guys are still hungry remember. So they’ve generously offered to let you download a pdf of the premier issue for nothing more than the time it takes the electrons to jump across the pond. Then again if you can spare the 23 bones I’m sure they’d appreciate it and you’ll have a collector’s item from before it contained seven pages of SUV ads.

Go Ride.

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