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Those of us in Art Director type roles often have a different experience with photography than your average Ansel Adams fan. We find ourselves doomed to search for nuances in the arrangement of sesame seeds in a series of 600 hamburger photos looking for the shot that will out sesame seed the competition. Or, worse yet, if you are on the production side of things photoshop out the single, deal-breaker, symmetry-destroying, sesame seed the art director feels will result in a catastrophic drop in hamburger bun sales.

Lay down your loop or your stylus my friend and just enjoy this collection of terrific photography (and links to more of the same) about your most favorite thing – bicycles.

Photographer Eddie Clark captures racing and free style moments.


Adam Leahy Photography
Adam shoots race and recreational cycling as well as doing some commercial work. Thankfully bikes don’t have sesame seeds.


Rolf Hagberg Photography
Rolf takes a different approach and is exploring cycling as a foil for creating beautiful, abstract images.


It’s refreshing to see bicycles in advertising (haven’t we had enough cars as props). Outlier makes fashion for cyclists so the connection is obvious but don’t these photos convey a hip, urban culture aesthetic?


Check back in soon. As cycling continues to catch on (and hopefully replace the automobile as pop culture icon) and I continue to find talented cycle-friendly photographers I’ll share them here. Until then ride to live – live to design.

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  1. August 20, 2009 | 1:27 pm | cindy |

    wonderful…viewing these is like seeing for the forest for the forest, not the sesame seeds….er, trees.

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