Get Your Street Fashion Fixie



Cycling – long identified with the slightly obscure, super-fit, spandex set – has been going mainstream. Bike messengers have done for bicycling what skateboarders did for surfing. They’ve given it the patina of urban accessibility. While one might argue they’ve also tarnished the luster a little they also deserve some credit for the surge in popularity (and viability) of urban cycling. Adidas celebrates urban bike culture in a series of photos marketing their upcoming Originals OT-Tech collection (not on the Adidas site yet) as seen here on Hypebeast. Here are two of my favorite photos. If you want to see these kicks in person check in with my man Jason Sack. If he doesn’t have a pair nobody does.

These cyclists are incredibly talented by the way. I’ll post some videos of the outlandish moves these riders have developed when they aren’t busy racing your package across town or hanging out at Pizza Luce.